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Eyewear Collection
NATURE meets DESIGN - this is Freddie Wood !
The sophistication of a genuine natural horn eyeglass frame, combining unique
charisma with modern unique design, this is the goal which the Freddie Wood
company has set for themselves.

Based on classic craftsmanship with modern methods in up to 80 separate
operations, uniqueeyewear frames are produced, each of them as unique as
the person who is going to wear it.

The design, the development of our collection comes into beeing in Germany,
as well as the final inspection of each single frame. The basic works
on the raw material, the rough cutting etc. is done - following logistic
reasons - at the place where the Buffalo horns come from - Asia.

The delivery to our customers - your optician - is again done from Germany,
where previously each eyeglass frame is re-examined and receives
the exclusive Freddie Woood Certification of origin.

Each single Freddie Wood - a piece of Art from Nature !