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Eyewear Collection
What kind of materials do we use ?
Mostly, the horn of the water buffalo from domestic breed
is used, (the horns of wild living animals, due to the dietary
and life-related conditions is insufficient to use for production).
The `Bubalus arni` (currently excicting about 80 million animals)
in Asia and Africa, kept as a pet and breed is used.
The horns, which grow up to almost 6 feet long,
are a `by-product` of the breed.

No animal dies because of his horns !

Thus the Washington Convention on International
Tradeof Endangered Species is not effected in any
way and does not apply to this trade.

Less than 15% of the available horns are suitable for
processing into exclusive eyewear. In addition to those
selected horns we use high quality selections of wood,
silk, Genuine Stones, Titanium and Gold for the production
of Freddie Wood Eyewear.